Distribution Management System


Keep track of your stock, and watch your stock rise with Inventory Management Software

When it comes to Inventory Management Software, accuracy is required. You need to know what you have in stock, how much it’s worth, and where it’s located in order to meet the needs and demands of your customers. With the Inventory Management, you can assure that ample inventory quantities are on hand at all times.

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  • Stock Control
  • Item Registration
  • Add Invoices (Manual/System)
  • Return product , Free issues, Salable, Discount Management (Manual/System)
  • Balance Stock
  • Delivery Summery
  • Loading Summery
  • Listing sales in checks
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Monthly Sales Reports
  • Monthly Free Issue Reports
  • Detect out of stock items
  • User Control System
  • PAD Processing


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